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Alexandra Raab-Frostl, nice to meet you

Alexandra Raab-Frostl works as an Associations Relations Manager for the VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau in Austria.

Alexandra Raab-Frostl, nice to meet you

3 compelling questions for Alexandra

1. Why are you convinced that congress delegates will love Flanders?
Because of the unique atmosphere in such breath-taking heritage venues as an old brewery, a medieval hospital, a historic town hall, or an ancient library, which is definitely inspiring!
2. What do you yourself love most about Flanders?
The open-minded, friendly, and welcoming Flemish people, their creativity, interest and knowledge, their social mindset, the fact that they want to connect and the way in which they enjoy, live, and celebrate life.
3. What is the link between your country and Flanders?
We share a similar and even common European past and history, that unites us and characterises the ways in which we communicate, have exchange with others, and appreciate what we have, as well as the way in which we want to live together.