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Flanders is a world leader in a wide range of sectors. VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau is publishing an e-book about each of these areas, packed with indispensable information for your association or PCO. Click on the title(s) of your choice for a free download and discover how to create tomorrow's heritage with your conference in Flanders.

E-BOOK mobility & logistics

Mobility & logistics

Welcome to the busiest crossroads in Europe
Germany, France and the UK are just around the corner. The Netherlands and Scandinavia are our northern neighbors. This strategic position makes Flanders one of the world leaders in mobility & logistics, with Flemish companies in the cockpit of sustainable developments and new trends. Read all about it in these 40 pages brimming with inspiration and ideas, and discover Flanders as a dream biotope for your conference.

Cities & Venues

Cities & venues

Small cities, great experiences
Easy to reach from London, Paris and Amsterdam. A lot of experts to support your conference. An impressive range of venues, located in beautiful heritage sites. Even though cities in Flanders are not big, they are guaranteed to make a long lasting impression on your delegates. Read all about it in this e-book with beautiful photos, containing no less than 72 pages of inspiration for an unforgettable conference.

e-book nature


From fascinating story to permanent legacy
Do you plan or organize a conference on nature? You are nowhere more welcome than in Flanders. This wonderful e-book will tell you why. The 68 pages are packed with inspiration and information for a successful conference, creating a positive long-term impact in your domain and for society. The beautiful nature photos and engaging text guarantee you lots of viewing and reading pleasure.

Brochure_Mockup circular economy

Circular Economy

Recylable inspiration for a succesful conference
No sector has as much impact on our future as the circular economy. How do we make industries like construction, biotech, chemicals, manufacturing, food and water sustainable? This e-book tells you how Flanders is tackling this challenge. Belgium's northern region is a global forerunner in circular economy, and therefore a rich source of inspiration and insights for your conference.


Arts & Heritage

Journey to the spirit of place
Flanders holds a trump card which not even Paris, London or New York can play. Here you welcome your delegates in the place where Bruegel, Rubens and Van Eyck created their masterpieces. This e-book tells you in 64 compelling pages why you can be assured of a successful conference in Flanders. Not only in Arts & Heritage, but also in dozens of other economic and scientific domains.


Smart & Sustainable Living

Towards a future-proof living environment
Humanity is facing important challenges to future-proof our living environment. In this e-book, experts from Flanders reveal how the world will tackle these challenges. Download now these 40 fascinating pages packed with inspiring insights, groundbreaking solutions and eye opening views on the future. An on your conference, of course.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Catch a glimpse of the future
After the steam engine and the Internet, there is Industry 4.0, the era of smart machines and factories. What are the key trends within this evolution? This fascinating question gets a fascinating answer in this e-book, filled with inspiration and insights from experts in the field.

Food, Gastronomy & Beer

Food, Gastronomy & Beer

Taste more than you expect
How do Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adria draw inspiration? Why is a Flemish company trying to bake bread on Mars? What trends in gastronomy will play a role in the future? Read it all in this e-book, spiced with advice on your next conference in food, gastronomy & beer.

Cycling is coming home


Cycling is coming home
Cycling is more than a sport or a means of transportation. It is a sector with a positive impact on climate change, diversity and the organization of our society. This e-book offers you tons of inspiration, insights and information for a successful conference in this fascinating field.

Care & Health

Care & Health

Big enough to matter, small enough to care
Nowhere the future of Care & Health is taking shape faster than in Flanders. How is it possible that this tiny spot on the map produces so many innovations? Read it in this fascinating e-book, and be inspired by the know-how and tips of world renowend experts.

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning

We are all lifeling learners
Tomorrow your learning curve will be more important than your salary curve. A pleasant way to learn is to read this e-book: a particularly enjoyable 36-page read, full of insights, inspiration and tips on lifelong learning and your next conference in this domain.

Smart Energy

Smart energy

From smart energy region to smart energy world
How does a region 700 times smaller than the USA become a global player in smart energy? Discover, together with the answer, congress venues that you can' t find anywhere else in the world. Not even in the USA.

The process really expanded my scope, bringing about a shift in my way of thinking about congresses


How to develop a conference with a legacy
Flanders strives to host conferences that create legacy. Does your association or PCO think the same way? Our e-book guides you step by step to a positive long-term impact on society.

Future-proof conferences

Future-proof conferences

Let’s turn the tide
How to make your conference corona- and future-proof? After your reading, you firmly believe in a bright future for our beautiful industry.