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Printing human cells and human tissue in 3D? A test that detects COVID-19 in just 5 minutes based on your breath? How we train surgeons in minimally invasive surgery like we would train pilots? These are just a few of the many innovations that see the light of day each year in Flanders. How does a region that has barely 1% of the inhabitants of the European Union manage this? You will find out in this e-book, in which experts from Flanders share their vision on your sector. It is packed with 36 pages of inspiring insights, enriching know-how and astounding innovations. At the same time you will learn why the northern part of Belgium is such an exceptional location for your Care & Health congress.

Learn in this e-book among other things:

  •     why most future innovations in health will come from other sectors
  •     where your delegates can experience new innovations in Care & Health in person
  •     how you can virtually visit the world's most innovative key players in life sciences & health
  •     how an effective organization of health care is a means to promote social cohesion and social justice
  •     how to motivate and engage the local population for your congress

"The degree to which people are open to diversity is in itself an indicator for the success of your care system"

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