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“The faster the world changes, the more lifelong learning becomes the key” says Andreas Schleicher, OECD expert on lifelong learning. However, making the learning society a reality is a huge challenge. That is why VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau asked for the opinion of experts. We brought their insights, inspiration and tips together in this wonderful 36-page e-book.

You will learn, among other things:

  •     why your learning curve is more important than your salary curve.
  •     why soft skills like emotional intelligence, creativity and curiosity will become more important.
  •     what trends will play a role in the future.
  •     what education, business and government can do to encourage lifelong learning.

VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau is pleased to offer you this e-book. Because lifelong learning is important in Flanders. And so is your conference in this field.

"In the past, we learned to do the work. Now learning is the work."

Lifelong learning

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